Why India?

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Why India42 % of doctors abroad are Indians.
32 % of NASA Scientists are Indians.
17 % of INTEL Scientists are Indians.
14 % of XEROX employees in the United States are Indians.
34 % of Microsoft employees are Indians.
28 % IBM employees are Indians.

World is the universe and Indian professionals are ready for space travel. Cities across the globe as far apart as Helsinki and Melbourne to Birmingham and Shanghai are beaming signals to hook up to Indian skill sets, ranging from software to specialty cuisine.

India has a total of 229 Universities and 458 engineering colleges, some of, which are comparable to the Ivy League universities of the US. The ndian Institute of Technology accepts fewer than 3% of their applications - a rate significantly lower than even the most competitive American universities.

Business education is another of India's steadily developing fortes. The Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) graduates are often ranked in the same league as other reputable business schools like Yale and Harvard. "A paradigm shift has occurred from supply-determined migration to one that is now determined by demand". This is good news for Indians with sound education degrees and skills in areas that are short all across the globe, such as doctors, nurses, engineers, cooks and software developers.

Indian professionals are becoming synonymous with information technology (IT); the demand is surging for their talent. India is one of the major recruitment markets in the world for developed countries. For instance, Germany has came up with their own 'Green Card' for Indian professionals. Among the best on offer is the UK's niche highly skilled migrant program (HSMP) for young professionals.

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The outward-bound (Australia and New Zealand included) diaspora of Indian teachers reflects the fundamental transformation of the global labor market in recent years. Previously, the demand was for Indian engineers, doctors and business managers who had a ready market for their services in developed countries. Now, for the first time, 'Grey collar' overseas job opportunities, for teachers, nurses and chefs, are opening in thousands for Indian professionals.

Increasingly, Indians are being directly recruited by companies in the telecom, advertising, hospitality, biotech and financial sectors in places as far afield as Germany, Hungary and Malaysia, breaking away from the traditional job markets of the US and UK.